4 Easy Steps

Step 1

Register Your Profile

Simply register your name/company name, primary email address, contact number, IC No./Company Reg. No. through the online form.

Verify the primary email address via an email notification sent to the primary email address by clicking VERIFY PRIMARY EMAIL link.

Step 2

Fill up the Subscription form

After you have verified your primary email, you will be automatically directed to the online subscription form for you to fill up e.g. phone number(s) and the respective forwarding email address(es).

Click Save Settings once you have completed.

You are allowed to enter up to 10 unique phone numbers and for each phone number you can assigned up to 3 forwarding email addresses.

Step 3

Validate Your Phone(s) and Verify All Forwarding Email(s)

After submitting your online subscription form (click Save Setting), validate your phone number(s) via calling to our center at 03-88910910

Then, click VERIFY FORWARDING EMAIL at each forwarding email individually via the email notifications sent to each forwarding email.

Step 4

Call forwarding set-up

After you have done phone Validation as in Step 3, an email notification will be sent and you will be informed the status of your subscription and instruction on ways to set-up your call forwarding..

If you are subscribing for your TM Fixed line number, you will be notified whether you have already activated TM Voicemail or otherwise we shall activate your TM voicemail. within 3 working days accordingly.

If you have subscribed the service for Mobile, your mobile service provider must allow call forwarding for this service to work for your phone.

  1. For your mobile number subscription, you must enable call forwarding by dialling *002*0388910910# from your mobile. When your call forwarding feature has been enabled, you will receive a text message "Call Forwarding All Services was enabled, thank you". If this is not successful, please apply call forwarding facility from your Mobile Service provider and once this facility is already available, you can try to activate the call forwarding feature by dialing *002*0388910910#.
  2. Please take note that not all Mobile Service Provider will provide the call forwarding facility. To disable call forwarding - dial #002# from your mobile. When your call forwarding feature has been disabled, you will receive a text message - "Call Forwarding All Services was disabled, thank you".
  3. For your non-TM Fixed subscription, you must enable call forwarding by referring to your service provider guidelines and activate call forwarding accordingly.

User Experience

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This “Voice2email Facility Service” by Telekom Malaysia Berhad (Company No. 128740-P) (hereby known as “TM”) is carried out as a Pilot Test to get feedback from customer based on the customer’s experience of the service.

Technical Support

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